We dreamt big

Cars have always meant everyting for us so we decided to put into practice all that we have dreamt.As the time went by we realised we are attracted to classic old timer cars,We have always admired their amazing lines and we exatly have knewn they never will be out of fashion.On the contrary:they will be able to warm the cockles of everyone’s heart.Those times designers could put their imagination and personalíty.


Life had a chance for some people to get together and follow through their dreams, so they have created this enterprise. They want to put in their heart and soul, their knowledge, cooperating with great experts to create these little wonders. However, it is not everything. We would like to build classic cars and put them into circulation so that their owners can drive them on a regular basis, even every day, cars which are equipped with a technology which meets today,s requirements guaranteeing safe and comfortable driving. SO, we started to build RESTOMODS.

The name RESTOMOD covers classic looks, but it is much more modern and combines or builds in these day,s top-notch tech with the original units for the better reliability and safety. With refreshed design, even with high-quality leather inner parts, air-conditioning, multimedia, ABS, unique body polishing, airbrush..

Just dream it

At RESTOMOD we can put your wishes, style, taste, imagination, personality into classical shapes, combining all this with today available quality material and technology. If you have a dream or an idea, we help you with carrying them into execution so that you could have a really amazing, stylish, comfortable, unique car which definitely will not come across neither in the streets of your homeland, nor of the whole world.

Due to our international connections we can get you almost any kind of car, refurbish and restore it, What is more, we can build you up a complete unique RESTOMOD car, tailored for your own demands. In the case you already have your dream car but you would like us to get it fixed, you are in the best place, too!

What else can we do for you?

If you are a lover of modern technology but you are fed up with the mass-producted, completely identical cars and you would like to form your car unique, trust us, we can achieve this goal. Our garage welcomes you for repairing, car body work or polishing./p>

We can provide outstanding service with our well-qualified experts. We are here at your service.<

Best regards,

Restomod Auto Ltd. Team